Evaluation of Lithuanian activity in Lithuania by Italian team

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How to Make Education Process Attractive to the Teenagers of the 21st Century”

Teacher’s evaluation sheet

Name of activity

Career Education: My Ideal Job

Activity presented during the meeting held in


Country which presented the activity


Country which tested the activity


Age group on which the activity was tested


Number of pupils in the group the activity was tested


Please, answer the following questions, giving detailed answers

Did I modify the original activity in order to make it more suitable to my needs? If so, what changes did I introduce?

I did not prepare the warming-up step of having the students look around the class, in search for the pieces of

the puzzle to compose the topic of the activity: it is complex for schools in Italy, since we have teachers

moving from class to class, while students remain in their class waiting for the teacher, so I did not have the

time to prepare the classroom



Did I find it suitable for my class? Why/Why not?

Yes, because they are quite “old” students, and they are already concretely thinking about their future career.

Moreover, it fit particularly well in my yearly schedule, since we were now studying/revising different types of

future, talking about money and peole in the limelight: the topic of career and job was very interesting and

useful for them



Was it innovative with respect to my usual approach?

It was, because it required some ammount of introspective work, and it is not so common in my lessons.

We also have to say that career guidance is not taught as a proper subject in our school, therefore it was not

innovative in the sense that is was different to something that I normally do, but it was a completely new




Did it produce the expected results on students?

It did, because they were curious: the class belonged to the Human Studies course, and such students are

generally very interested in tests, self-discovery and the hidden workings of the humand mind.

Some students were a bit disapponted when they found out that the test results did not correspond to their

Dream job, yet I explained, as pointed out in the handouts, that the results were not to be taken as a rule to

follow, but only as a suggestion as to what their most suitable job might be. I also explained that the test can be

useful to suggest them what kind of intellect they ought to cultivate if they strongly want to follow a certain career

Did I feel comfortable with what I was doing?

Yes, because the activity had been explained quite clearly to me and I knew how to handle it