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Erasmus + project Nr. 2014-1-LV01-KA201-000431 1

How to Make Education Process Attractive to the Teenagers of the 21st Century”

Teacher’s evaluation sheet

Name of activity

Right division

Activity presented during the meeting held in


Country which presented the activity


Country which tested the activity


Age group on which the activity was tested

11 - 13

Number of pupils in the group the activity was tested


Please, answer the following questions, giving detailed answers

Did I modify the original activity in order to make it more suitable to my needs? If so, what changes did I introduce?

I changed the original acticity in several ways: I did not use the multimedial tool, because I didn`t findt it. I also changend the way the students worked: in my lesson, they worked in small groups of two to four students, not in two big groups.


Did I find it suitable for my class? Why/Why not?

I really think it was a suitable lesson, because division is a really complicated content for many students, and they need to repeat it as often as possible.

Another positive aspect that made the lesson suitable is, that I didn’t need to talk to much. That is very important, because I did the lesson in a preparation class with students, which are all not able to speak German, because they are still learning the German language.


Was it innovative with respect to my usual approach?

I like the aspect of using things, the students can touch and know from their “life outside of school”. So they connect mathematics with their natural environment.






Did it produce the expected results on students?

Yes, they did because the students were able to distribuite the sweets in a fair way and were pleased with it.






Did I feel comfortable with what I was doing?

I liked what I did, becaus the students had fun with acting with real things (sweets) they can touch. That made the topic less abstract then it usually is.