Latvian teachers' evaluation of the Lithuanian activity in Germany

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How to Make Education Process Attractive to the Teenagers of the 21st Century”

Teacher’s evaluation sheet

Name of activity

The ways you move your body are the language of their own

Activity presented during the meeting held in


Country which presented the activity


Country which tested the activity


Age group on which the activity was tested


Number of pupils in the group the activity was tested


Please, answer the following questions, giving detailed answers

Did I modify the original activity in order to make it more suitable to my needs? If so, what changes did I introduce?

No, I didn’t change anything. Students were those who made some modification in this activity – they tried and

did their best (some of them even more than 5 minutes) until they learn all steps of the performance.





Did I find it suitable for my class? Why/Why not?

Yes, I found it suitable because usually students play team games and do athletics, but dancing was a bit new

experience for students. It was a different approach and up-to-date musical performance.





Was it innovative with respect to my usual approach?

Yes, it was. Students were motivated to move, to learn, to help each other, if necessary.






Did it produce the expected results on students?

Yes, it really did. Students could have some fun and at the same time learn movements. Those students who

attend folk or other dance lessons got the idea faster and could help the other students. In that way they learnt

also to be patient and not to give up if something doesn’t happen as expected as well as cooperation skills were




Did I feel comfortable with what I was doing?

I felt comfortable because I also could learn something new. Dancing gives people positive emotions, joy and

good mood.