Latvian teachers' evaluation of the Greek activity in Greece


Erasmus + project Nr. 2014-1-LV01-KA201-000431 1

How to Make Education Process Attractive to the Teenagers of the 21st Century”

Teacher’s evaluation sheet

Name of activity

DNA the molecule of life

Activity presented during the meeting held in


Country which presented the activity


Country which tested the activity


Age group on which the activity was tested


Number of pupils in the group the activity was tested


Please, answer the following questions, giving detailed answers

Did I modify the original activity in order to make it more suitable to my needs? If so, what changes did I introduce?

Yes, I changed the activity to make it not 40 min long, but 2x40 min, so that students could do the tasks

without stress and concentrate more on the activity not on time limit.





Did I find it suitable for my class? Why/Why not?

After doing the activity in 2 lessons, students really found it interesting. Both lessons kept them engaged and they

stayed on track. And it’s a very important aspect for students not to become exhausted but inspired.





Was it innovative with respect to my usual approach?

Yes, it was more dynamic than maybe everyday lessons and real-life analogy helped students to understand the

topic better.





Did it produce the expected results on students?

Yes, it really did! Students had an opportunity not only to get theoretical knowledge about DNA, but also make

their own DNA model using simple materials (transparent sheets, markers, a ruler and a sticky tape).





Did I feel comfortable with what I was doing?

Actually, before the lessons I tried to do all the activities by myself, to make sure how much time it will take in a

real lesson, tried to predict some students’ questions, also studied more about DNA from science magazines.

Students are more interested in real life not in the theory that is written in the coursebooks. That’s why a teacher

always has to ‘’dig deeper’’ to be wise and satisfy all students questions.