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    Erasmus + project Nr. 2014-1-LV01-KA201-000431 „How to Make Education |Process Attractive to the Teenagers of the 21st Century”

    Teaching/learning activity of Lithuanian team in Grobina, Latvia 2016.04.19




    Objectives of the activity


    Steps of the activity


    Materials needed for each step

    Approximate timing of each step



    Handicraft Activity “Friendship Bracelet”

    1. Be able to make bracelets by following instructions of a simple technique and using given supplies.

    1. Choose and match colours correctly.

    1. Learn to be creative, conscious, opt for quality in every phase of the making of this project.


    Making of bracelets

    Learn “makrame” technique of making knots

    Use given information and supplies

    Work together,better in pairs(method Student To Student)

    Complete, present and evaluate your bracelet


    Present topic, task and goal of the lesson.

    Introduce working technique, weaving history, ways of using.


    Explain work process, provide supplies and demonstrate weaving in “makrame” technique.

    Individual work. Teacher instructs the pairs, reminds of the goal of the lesson.

    Reflect on the results from different aspects (professionally as well as emotionally) and help students evaluate their work.

    Discussing results, thanking students for their work.








    Topic, task and goal displayed on the screen.

    Show needed supplies and weaving technique on the screen.

    Show needed supplies (breads, knits, scissors, glue)on the tables.

    Video showing all the process.

    Student To Student” working method. Screen displays work process.

    Sharing impressions of the lesson, exchange of bracelets (if wanted)

    Compilation of lesson evaluation sheet.

    2 mins.

    3 mins.

    5 mins

    30 mins

    3 mins

    2 mins