Erasmus + project Nr. 2014-1-LV01-KA201-000431 1 „How to Make Education |Process Attractive to the Teenagers of the 21st Century”


July 20, 2016.

  1. All the cordinators start prepaing Mobility Tool reports. Mobility tool can be found at

  2. By August 15 all the coordinators will send to Indra the needed information for the final report ( sections 4.a, 4.c, 6., 6.1., 6.2.,6.3.)

  3. Barbara will send the template of evaluation ( section 5.c)

  4. Each country will write a description of their learning/teaching activity and send to Indra by August 10.

  5. Indra will send the Table of Contents of the manual to all the coordinators by July 25.

  6. Indra will manage the design of the manual by August 10.

  7. All the coordinators will send the photos for the manual to Indra by August 1.

  8. Indra will check all the lesson plansin the manual by August 1.

  9. All the coordinators must also fill in Project result dissemination platform at

The project coordinator: Indra Kalniņa