November 9, 2014.

  1. All the project activities will start on Monday afternoon and finish on Friday at noon.

  2. The learning/teaching activities will take place in the following order:

* C 2/ C8 in Turkey on February 23 -27, 2015

* C 1/C7 in Lithuania on March 23 -27, 2015

* C 3/ C9 in Greece on September 28 – October 2, 2015

* C 4/ C 10 in Germany on November 30 – December 4, 2015

* C 5/ C 11 in Italy on February 8 -12, 2016

* C 6 / C12 in Latvia on May 9 -13, 2016

  1. Each school will send 2 girls and 1 boy to the learning/teaching activity in Turkey. The names have to be sent to Ferda by January 2.

  2. The 1st teaching/learning activity (C 2/ C8) in will be devoted to creating students’ positive attitude towards learning. Each school will prepare an innovative activity on the ways how to improve it. The activity will discussed and piloted in the international class during the teaching/learning activity in Turkey. The activity will be evaluated by the international class and improved afterwards taking account participating teachers and students’ ideas. Each school will choose 1 activity and later it will be carried it out and evaluated by school teachers. The teachers will compare the students’ academic success by using both methods – the classical and innovative ones.

  3. The 2nd teaching/learning activity (C 1/ C7) in will be devoted to creative methods of making students think about their future career.

  4. The 3rd teaching/learning activity (C 3/ C9) in will be devoted to creative methods in teaching exact subjects.

  5. The 4th teaching/learning activity (C 4/ C10) in will be devoted to creative methods of inclusive education and peer teaching.

  6. The 5th teaching/learning activity (C 5/ C11) in will be devoted to integration of subjects at school and teaching some subjects in a foreign language which is taught at school.

  7. The 6th teaching/learning activity (C 6/ C12) in will be devoted to creative methods of teaching humanitarian subjects.

  8. The date of the last project meeting still needs to be decided upon.

  9. Indre will create the template of the learning/teaching activity to be filled in while preparing it by December 1.

  10. Barbara will create 2 Evaluation sheets by December 25, 2014. One will be for evaluating the created activities by the international students after the learning/teaching activity after it. The other one will be for the teachers to evaluate the created activity after carrying it out at each school. Every coordinator has to send her suggestions of the items that should be included in the evaluation sheet

(Both for the students and teachers) by December 1.

  1. While carrying out the created activities each school video-film carrying out one activity at their school and send the filmed material to Indra.

  2. The 1st project activity day of all the learning/ teaching activities (Monday) will be devoted to getting to know each other games and exercises.

  3. There will be international evening at every learning/teaching activity. Every school will present the culture (food, songs, dances, etc.) of their country. The presentations are live (no long presentations or videos can be used).

  4. Every host country will provide to the guests:

* 1 official dinner for teachers

* 2 lunches for students and teachers

* Transportation of 1 day trip in their country

  1. Grobiņa gymnasium will create the webpage „News from the partner schools” where every school will place the news how the project is proceeding once in 2 months.

  2. There will be a Skype conference 2 weeks before every learning/teaching activity for the students to get to know each other and teachers to discuss the activities of the forthcoming activity.

The project coordinator: Indra Kalniņa